Fish Hors d'Hoeuvre

Poached octopus weds "alla Luciana"€11,00

Mixed seafood salad or octopus only€11,00

Prawns cherry tomatoes rocket€11,00

Antipasto Mediterraneo
(seafood salad with shrimps, small cuttlefish, red onion, black olives and chili pepper)

Mussels seaman style€8,00

Souté clams€10,00

Marinated anchovies€6,50

Amberjack tartare with capers and salad€16,00

Carpaccio of amberjack€16,00


Bruschettone Mari e Monti
(bruschetta with prawns and mushrooms)

Toasted bread with salmon€10,00

Bruschetta with anchovies from Cantabrico and selected butter€10,00

Fish first courses

Typical pasta with lobster€15,00

Risotto seaman style€10,00

Spaghetti with king clams€10,00

Typical pasta with sea bass€13,00

Spaghetti, big clams, prawns and seafood€13,00

Potato gnocchi with prawns and zucchini flowers€12,00

Typical pasta with swordfish, eggplant and mint€12,00

Typical pasta with ragout of shellfish€13,00


Fish second courses

Grilled red prawns€12,00

Grilled fish€12,00

Mixed fish kebabs€12,00

Skewered prawns€13,00

Grilled fish
(prawns, cuttlefish, squid, swordfish)

Catalana shellfish€25,00

Amberjack with Sicily style vegetables€18,00

Sea bass/bream baked with potatoes€3,80 all'etto

Sea bass/bream grilled€4,00 all'etto

Baked turbot€4,00 all'etto

Typical pasta

Spaghetti with tomatoes and basil€8,00

Typical pasta with speck and walnut€9,00

Typical pasta with tomato and mozzarella€9,00

Typical pasta with cheese, pepper and Guanciale Mountains Lepini€9,00

Typical pasta with burrata pugliese, light pesto, toasted Mediterranean pine nuts€10,00

Typical pasta with mushrooms€10,00

Tagliatelle with ragù€12,00

Our fries

Fried Adriatic anchovies€10,00

Fried big prawns€14,00

Mixed fried seafood€14,00

Pumpkin flowers in batter stuffed with ricotta di bufala DOP€10,00

Fried fior di latte cheese

Fried fior di latte cheese€6,00

Fried fior di latte cheese French style€6,00

Fried fior di latte cheese with ham€7,00

Fried fior di latte cheese with anchovy€7,00

Maxi salads

Insalatona Primavera
(olives, mozzarella di bufala)

Insalatona D'Amore
(mixed lettuce, parmesan cheese, nuts, olives, balsamic)

Insalata caprese di bufala€8,00

Insalata Nizzarda
(mixed salad of tuna, boiled eggs, black olives, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese)

Bresaola Valtellinese DOP, rocket and grana€10,00

Insalatona del marinaio
(salad, radicchio, shrimp, tuna, olives)

Our Meat Specialites
from selected Italian meats

Grilled Paillard€9,00

Escalope at your pleasure€9,00

Chianina beef burgher grilled with chips€10,00

Grilled sausages with herbs€12,00

Lamb chops golden / "scottadito"€13,00

Cutlets grilled with potatoes€13,00

Milanese cutlet with potatoes, rosemary and course salt€15,00

Sliced beef with salt and rosemary€15,00

Chianina fillet with porcini mushrooms€18,00

Chianina grilled fillet€15,00

Side dishes

Fried potatoes€3,50


Baked potatoes€4,00

Potatoes rissole€4,00

Mixed salad€4,00

Grilled vegetables€6,00

Turnip tops with garlic, oil, chili and olives€6,00

Vegetable vinaigrette€6,00


Ice cream with slight spirit and coffee€3,50

Ice cream with slight spirit and lemon€3,50

Catalan cream€4,00

Mascarpone cheese pudding€4,00

Home ice cream with coffee€4,00


Typical chocolate cake€4,00

Ice cream€4,00

Pistacchio ice cream€4,00

Panna cotta€4,00

Chef's surprise cake€4,00

Cranberry delight€4,00

Chocolate / white profiteroles€4,50

Chocolate and custard pudding€5,00

Neapolitan pastiera€5,00

Chocolate / white truffle€5,00

Almond biscuits and raisin wine€6,00